Custom audits, tools and programs to meet your needs. Available natively for iOS, Android and Windows Devices.


Automate Shift Notes with EZFORMS

Real-time communication and field intelligence with EZFORMS

EZFORMS capabilities

  • Easily monitor all aspects of communications, ranging from employee to customer feedback
  • Real-time analysis of company incidents, maintenance, social media and communications within your organization
  • Build, edit, share forms that meet your company’s communication needs
  • Out-of-the box functionality with ability to edit pre-built forms
  • Use on smart phones, tablets and traditional desktop technologies

EZFORMS eliminates

  • Use of paper based solutions that are rarely analyzed
  • Costly expenses of paper based solutions
  • Lost or confused messaging from voicemails, emails, etc
  • Inability to understand real-time what is going on in your business
  • Need for internal IT resources