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The platform to improve the speed and oversight of your data collection


Restaurant Checklists & Audits

Increase customer experience, food safety and brand experience with EZFORMS


EZFORMS for Restaurants

EZFORMS Checklist & Audit Compliance® is by far the most comprehensive HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) solution for the Fast Casual and Quick Serve industry. We give you, the owner/operator, a mobile audit platform that allows you to perform line checks, food temperatures, and monitor food storage standards across your entire organization so that you can make informed decisions.

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The platform to improve the speed and oversight of your data collection


  • Corrective action to immediately correct errors based on your responses
  • Form scoring for organizations that have compensation plans based on their line check scores and timeliness.
  • Ability to add notes and annotated photos
  • Capture and store county health inspection reports
  • Share forms immediately within your organization
  • Predict potential health and compliance issues based on data gathered
  • Gather temperatures via bluetooth probes
  • Integration of third party data such as product lists into form
  • Easily create, edit, share mobile forms as you add or delete menu items
  • Time stamping of food temps for line checks and PAR cooking
  • Leverage EZSCRIPT to design forms to specific store layouts


  • The use of expensive third party inpsection companies
  • Penciling whipping of quality assurance audits and line checks
  • Falsify temperature readings.
  • Lost county and internal health inspection documents
  • Need for books and paper to capture data
  • Lost time and inefficiencies
  • Miscommunication with the stores

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