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Additional Services & FAQ

Q: Do you offer a free tier?

A: Yes, EZFORMS offers ‘Starter’ plan. This gives you access to all our features with the exception, personal branding and ’Teams’.

Can i make forms on my phone or tablet?

A: Yes, EZFORMS allows you to create mobile first ’simple’ form right from your device.

Q: Can I work on my form(s) offline?

A: Yes, you can work on your form offline in the mobile application.

Q: Do you offer support

A: Yes, we offer email, chat, and phone support.

Q: Does EZFORMS work with traditional desktop technologies?

A: Yes, EZFORMS also has a SaaS offering for completing and creating forms.

Q: What type of formats can my data be exported?

A: You can export your data in XML, JSON, XLS and CSV

Q: Can data be sent directly to my companies existing servers and databases?

A: Yes, we provide web hooks that will allow data be submitted to your servers during submission of forms.

Q: Does EZFORMS have API’s to allow third party software integration?

A: Yes, we provide API’s where a user can data.

Q: Can I request unique features for by business?

A: EZFORMS offers professional services to make sure your business needs are met.

Q: Can I invite other companies and individual’s to use EZFORMS?

A: Yes, EZFORMS will allow you to invite vendors to fill out your required forms.

Q: Can EZFORMS manage my account?

A: Yes, EZFORMS can provide management of your forms and other content.

Q: Does EZFORMS work in landscape mode?

A: Yes, EZFORMS works in landscape mode and we highly recommend using this for iPhone.

Q: How long is my data stored?

A: This is left up to the admin but right now all forms and pictures are stored with no limitations.

Q: Can I use a thermometer with EZFORMS to capture temperatures?

A: Yes, we partner with two companies that have Bluetooth thermometers that can be integrated into the app.

We offer web-based training that allows you to really see the flexibility of EZFORMS and what we can do for you and your company.  Please contact us to order

EZ Training 

1-hour of app training  $295

3 hours of admin training  $750