Food Establishment Inspection made EZ

Easily inspect and share food establishment data with your community

| Problem |

Too many food establishments to inspect? Tight budgets limiting your ability to hire more inspectors and support staff to inspect the ever increasing number of food establishments in your community? Have you received bad press in the media for not inspecting all food establishments annually?

| Solution |

We give municipalities a cost-effective, out-of-the-box solution that allows inspectors to see more food establishments and give citizens a sense of security that the food being manufactured, served or stored meets food safety standards. Our solution provides inspectors a system to easily collect data digitally. This data is then automatically routed to a web portal that allows users to easily search by name, address and score.

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Ease of use for the patron

Patrons can review current and past food inspections via a robust portal that allows search by restaurant name, food type, grade or zip code. Once a restaurant is selected, the patron is presented with a responsive web portal that gives a map view, the physical address, last inspection score, drill down of current and past inspections as well as a view of the inside of the restaurant.

See it Work !

What you are about to see is a structured demo of the capabilities of the restaurant health inspection search portal. Keep in mind that the view you’re seeing is customizable to meet your needs for search, scoring and level of sharing.


*For demo purposes not a true inspection score.