Government Inspection Software
Conduct mobile inspections for food establishments, salons and buildings

Why EZFORMS for Federal, State & Local Government Audits and Inspections

  • Eliminate the carrying of cameras, printers and computers to conduct inspections of establishments
  • Add QR codes and/or tiny NFC tags to scan for most recent audit data of location and establishment
  • Cost effective digital Record Management System for government agencies so they can move from paper to mobile forms
  • Centralize inspection and audit data to drive analytics and insight to identify trends
  • Provide self-report to establishments to create a baseline of daily audits that inspectors can review before on-site inspection
  • Immediately share restaurant inspection data with establishment as well as optional portal for residents to review
  • Capture rich media: photos, sketches, GPS/Timestamps to add validation to responses
  • Assign inspection – audit tasks for teams or users to complete
  • Centralize tracing of critical items to increase public safety

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Audit and Inspection Software

Drop the paper and paper process and go digital with EZFORMS Operational Intelligence!

Paper and manual processes can be painful and cumbersome.  If you’ve ever dealt with a pile of paper audits, inspections or a folder full of spreadsheets, you know it can be tough to gather insights into your business.  Change that by going digital with our Audit and Inspection Software to improve operational intelligence.

Customer Support

We are known for our customer support. Don't believe us, then check out the reviews on Capterra. We take it up a notch by having an in-app digital assistant for 24-hr assistance.

Professional Services

EZFORMS has a dedicated team that provides expert professional services. From helping deploy EZFORMS effectively from the start, to support the whole year round, EZFORMS has a plan that suits your needs and budget.

Managed Services

Unmatched Experience, support from real people thats agile, secure and scalable. Let us provide expert support year round to ensure you maximize the benefits of EZFORMS


Need additional training for new employees, functionality or just need a refresher? We offer web-based training that is flexible and meets the needs of your business.

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