Custom audits, tools and programs to meet your needs. Available natively for iOS, Android and Windows Devices.

Form Builder capabilities

  • Drag and drop elements to create free-form or row-based forms. If you are the creative type, use our WYSIWYG
  • Create forms that mix free-form and row-based forms
  • EZ Scripting to perform math functions and scenario based questions
  • Flexible scoring rules and tagging to dig deep into data
  • Embed pictures or links to take users to secondary information
  • Adjustable font, sizes and colors
  • Create forms that allow you to make them geographic or product specific
  • Leverage pre-built forms for multiple business types that are easily editable
  • Set form day and time due
  • Add multiple signature lines
  • Ability to require that items are answered before form submission
  • Plus a whole lot more


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