• This product is great for:

    Integration with mobile solutions and websites
    Developers looking to create complex mobile/web forms and workflows
    Individual users who have a need to create forms for individual or public use

| Description |

CORE is a platform that allows users and developers to create digital documents, surveys or checklists for native or hybrid mobile apps, websites and company intranets.

| Story behind Core |

Core was born from a customer’s desire to change our EZFORMS: Checklist & Audit Compliance solution into an order management app. Yes, you just read that right… a client loved our platform so much that they wanted to rip it to shreds and eliminate most of its functionality. What we didn’t understand is how hard it would be to take apart. We realized that it be great to provide users and developers a system in which we can use SDK’s to create what they want, while at the same time allowing us to easily add and remove functionality from end-to-end solutions we were making.

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Easily create dynamic audits, surveys, and checklists in our robust and intuitive form builder with no limitations on design, distribution or capabilities. Once your forms are ready, you can execute them via the app, web portal, email, or your website.