• Optimize The Collection of Data for Web and Mobile Applications

| Description |

EZCORE is a mobile application development platform to be used by technical staff and business users in creating digital forms, surveys or checklists for native mobile applications, whether standalone or integrated into existing company websites and intranets.

| Story behind EZCORE |

As a platform, EZCORE is ideal for both developers and business users since the idea for the solution emerged from customer feedback and their desire to easily customize the EZFORMS application to address unique business operations. Over the years, many customers have paid to have adaptations made to the EZFORMS solution to better fit their requirements. With EZCORE, we have created an exceptionally flexible platform that can now meet the demands companies and organizations across every industry.

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Easily create dynamic forms for audits, surveys and checklists via our form builder. Once your forms are ready, you can execute portal or with the one-time purchase app available in the Apple app store.