• Optimize The Collection of Data for Web and Mobile Applications

| Description |

CORE is a platform for developers and users to create forms, surveys, etc. for native mobile applications or to integrate into company websites and intranets.

| Story behind CORE |

CORE is our exciting new offering that’s ideal for developers and users alike. Through the years, we’ve had customers want to take our EZFORMS: Checklist & Audit Compliance product and bend it to their needs. Through this bending we were able to take a mobile form solution and make it an order management offering for one of the largest fundraising companies in North America. During this project and after reviewing requests from current and past customers, we came to realize that if we took what we learned through the years, we could create an exceptionally flexible platform that would meet the needs of many.

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Easily create dynamic forms for audits, surveys, etc. via our form builder in the portal.  Once your forms are ready, you can execute them in the portal or with the one-time purchase app.