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With Technology comes the Inevitable Blame Game

Anecdotal evidence abounds of enterprises discovering different, valuable and often times unique, ways to employ technology solutions beyond their originally designed purpose.  With mobile apps for the enterprise still emerging as the next generation technology platform across companies large and small, we are seeing customers finding innovative ways to use enterprise mobile apps to create positive impact to their operations.



Ooh La La!

We have often discussed and offered examples of how mobile checklist and forms apps, such as EZ FORMS, have such built-in flexibility and adaptability that they can be used in certain areas of operations across almost every industry.  But an even greater value associated with the solution is its ability to be used in multiple operating processes within the same enterprise.  A great example of that is what is going on with Mimi’s Café, an EZ FORMS customer.


Top Restaurant Technologies for 2015

Restaurant Business Magazine recently listed their top 10 technology stories for 2014 and they address all elements of the dining value chain, from the obvious impact at the consumer interface to the emerging importance of mobile apps in the back-of-the-house (BOH).  Since EZ FORMS has had such a successful year delivering measureable productivity gains in the restaurant BOH, we can vouch for the value of that message.