The Mobile Transformation of Restaurant Operations

The Mobile Transformation of Restaurant Operations

We are excited to share our new white paper, The Mobile Transformation of Restaurant Operations, currently available on our website here.  Our development focus here at EZ FORMS over the past several years has been to create a new standard for checklist and mobile audit solutions for the enterprise.  EZ FORMS has experienced tremendous growth, much of it international, and we believe that our philosophy for mobile enterprise platform development could best be shared via white paper. While this paper addresses the great opportunities for mobile apps in the back of the house for restaurants, our EZ FORMS solutions has broad application across almost every vertical industry.  Below is a small excerpt from the white paper.

Back of the House (BOH)

Enterprise app solutions developed specifically for mobile platforms are the next frontier for food service providers. Fast casual and quick-serve restaurant companies have begun to use tablets to automate HACCP compliance across their population of dining sites, replacing paper ledgers at individual stores with tablet-based checklist apps that automate and store details such as freezer temperatures and cleaning schedules. These restaurant checklist apps can also send real-time alerts when an unexpected variance is detected to store managers and headquarters staff to allow for real, or near real-time proactive response to variances.

Tablet and “phablet”-based checklist apps can also provide tremendous flexibility in developing customized forms to address all manner of managerial tasks, such as calendars, emails, and special events that currently require back-office computers. Cloud-based enterprise apps combined with mobile devices facilitate sharing among geographically dispersed restaurant managers, regional managers, and the corporate headquarters, creating a de facto interactive decision-support tool that can leverage critical historical and real-time data to improve decision making.

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