The Future of Mobile: Healthcare

The Future of Mobile: Healthcare

Here at EZFORMS, we focus on those industries and processes where we see tremendous opportunity to unleash efficiencies, streamline operations, and improve business performance in a material and meaningful way.

One key sector we believe is ripe for employing enterprise mobile apps to the benefit the organization and its customers is in healthcare. With the Affordable Care Act environment, healthcare providers have the opportunity to deliver an improved patient experience, with improved results, at lower costs using health technology. Mobile platforms, including smart phones and tablets, are becoming ubiquitous in doctor’s offices and hospitals as a means to standardize care protocols, improve the flow of information, and ease the implementation of electronic health records. In the aggregate, this shift to digital will allow all of the players in the healthcare value chain—payors, providers, and even pharmaceutical companies—to streamline their operations and improve business performance.

Management consultant Booz & Company has created a nice infographic that highlights the potential and opportunity for mobile in the healthcare universe. (Click the image for a larger view)

Mobile Health

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