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We have often discussed and offered examples of how mobile checklist and forms apps, such as EZ FORMS, have such built-in flexibility and adaptability that they can be used in certain areas of operations across almost every industry.  But an even greater value associated with the solution is its ability to be used in multiple operating processes within the same enterprise.  A great example of that is what is going on with Mimi’s Café, an EZ FORMS customer. 

Mimi's Cafe is a US restaurant chain with 140+ locations in 24 states known for its French theme and legendary breakfasts. Originally headquartered in Irvine, California, the company relocated to Dallas, Texas  last year after 35 years in California. The recent acquisition of the chain by Groupe Le Duff has led to initiatives focused on improving efficiency and effectiveness of operations across the company.

Key areas of improvement focus at Mimi’s that lent themselves to a mobile checklist solution included general facilities inspections, monthly inspections of the dining operations and testing of current and new products.  Finding a solution that was flexible enough to address each of those needs was expected to be challenging.  In fact, prior existing relationships allowed EZ FORMS to engage with Mimi’s early in the process and demonstrate how flexible mobile checklist app solutions can be when designed for the complexity of distributed enterprises.

For the general facilities inspections, the broader requirements to be addressed by the solution included:

  •  Food Supplies
  • Temperature Controls
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Food Safety
  • Re-Service and Cross-Contamination
  • Employee Health
  • Employee Practices
  • Warewashing and Sanitation
  • Water Supply
  • Sewage and Wastewater Disposal
  • Bathroom Facilities
  •  Pest Control
  • Chemical Handling

At the same time, the solution had to address the dining operations with a checklist solution that could gather information across the entirety of the kitchen activities that focused on food preparation, management and storage as well as inventory and staff management/training and general cleaning.

Additionally, Mimi’s wanted to be able to use the solution to digitally recreate their Product Cutting Form that they use for existing and new product testing.  Since implementation, Mimi’s is using EZ FORMS to gather product name, supplier, food category, product received date, review date, sample lot code, objective of cutting (alternate supplier, product improvement, product run samples, new product, exploratory), control information on manufacturer and final input regarding seven tasting standards.  Once all the data is accumulated, they can do analysis and compare pictures taken with the form to purchase a new product or product replacement.  

Perhaps the most important and impressive aspect of the solution that is in use at Mimi’s is how flexible, agile and adaptable it is.  One mobile enterprise app is being used in three distinct functional areas and at both the store level and at corporate headquarters and can be used by staff on tablet devices or laptop/desktop PC.

Of course, none of this would be important if the solution did not meet the needs of the customer and materially improve their operations.  In Mimi’s Café management’s own words,

“Mimi’s was in search of a solution that was not only efficient but effective. We needed something that was accessible via a mobile device to give us the flexibility to use our forms as we moved throughout our Cafes.  EZ Forms not only provided a fantastic product but has made the testing and implementation process great by supporting us along the way.  Implementing EZ Forms has allowed us to gather data on all locations efficiently and effectively.  I can’t say enough about the product and service so far. “

EZ FORMS continues to be embraced by dining chains in the fast casual, QSR and now more traditional sit-down dining establishments, demonstrating that mobile enterprise apps for the food service industry deliver strong value across multiple key operational processes.

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