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Creating a Better Mobile App Using SDKs

Dynamic economies, ultra-competitive markets, Real-time data and decision making and technology that is galloping forward to incorporate mobile and the internet of things into a seamless whole and you get demand for apps that can address change on a dime.  Software development kits (SDKs) are playing an increasingly critical role in supporting the enterprise in addressing these challenges and taking advantage of the opportunities they represent.


Field Service Simplified

There are very few jobs that demand the use of mobile enterprise technology more than those of field service technicians and engineers. All field personnel, including authorized service providers outside of an organization, require greater visibility and access to critical service information. Delivering it successfully requires a solution that goes beyond enabling field engineers with the traditional calendar, navigation and status activities of current field service applications.




Ooh La La!

We have often discussed and offered examples of how mobile checklist and forms apps, such as EZ FORMS, have such built-in flexibility and adaptability that they can be used in certain areas of operations across almost every industry.  But an even greater value associated with the solution is its ability to be used in multiple operating processes within the same enterprise.  A great example of that is what is going on with Mimi’s Café, an EZ FORMS customer.


Facilities Management Gets Digital and Mobile

Newer technologies are moving forward more rapidly and are being embraced more broadly as companies of all stripes, sizes and markets recognize that any competitive advantage is fleeting and ephemeral.  Facilities management is one area that possesses great potential for rethinking work flow and reimagining traditional processes. 


The Future of Mobile: Field Service Calls

Oftentimes, field service professionals are the primary or only source of customer contact post sale. They can play a pivotal role in making or breaking customer loyalties. Empowered with the right mobile field service solution, companies can decrease costs, increase service revenue and enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty almost instantly.