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Learn more about our journey.

Over time, like many other custom application development companies, we came to the realization that to provide the greatest value and deliver the most enduring impacts to customers, we needed to focus on one solution that could serve thousands of companies.  Evolving out of our work with fast casual and quick service restaurants, EZFORMS has become a leader, and the most flexible solution for field data collection, sharing and analysis in the marketplace.  Industry leaders in manufacturing, property management and state & local government have dropped the use of paper for audits, inspections and more by going digital with EZFORMS. To learn more about our product and services, visit our features page.


EZFORMS was founded with the mission to revolutionize vertical industry businesses by providing great software and customer service. Our easy-to-use, online form builder and mobile first form builder helps our customers create mobile forms to collect data to more effectively understand their customer, manage, and grow their businesses all while mitigating risk.  To learn more about our journey, visit our blog posts to see how we evolved as a company

Learn More about our journey

Our mission is to reinvent core operational and administrative functions and support enterprises in building more efficient and innovative businesses, regardless of market or industry focus.

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