Transformation Takes a Strong Management Team

Transformation Takes a Strong Management Team

Transformation Takes a Strong Management Team

Transformation takes a strong management team!

When we first wrote this blog post we were super excited about building our business, making people aware of how we were disrupting the industry but more importantly, how we felt that the restaurant industry was ripe for moving from the paper based age to the digital age.  Back in 2013, we had a great local partner that helped us to understand what the hot buttons and inefficiencies were in the restaurant industry.  Since then, many things have changed for us. More competitors have come into the market offering this or that, focusing only on restaurants and convenience stores, not publishing their pricing (shout out to Rizepoint and Zenput) or grabbing market share by pulling a bait-and-switch, offering super low price (iAuditor) and then upping it, putting customers operating a low margin business in a bind.  

We also learned since publishing this blog and white paper that it’s essential to partner with companies that do, in fact, really care.  Through the years we have provided a lot of discovery to our restaurant clients when it comes to litigation of some sort.   Nothing is more rewarding when we can help out a client (that’s what the pay us for, right?) when in a time of need.  We have found that the companies that ‘care’ are the ones that really demand the most of our system and review reports that show trends for their people, places and products (3 Ps) that need to be addressed.  These are the companies that try to take all paper processes and the data that resides on them to a digital format so that their corporate offices can have a real-time view of what’s happening with those 3Ps.  The bad news, and yes, you knew this was coming, is that there are companies out there that just don’t care.  They don’t look at the trends such as time to do an audit, temps that don’t fluctuate or others that stick out like a wilted french-fry or if in our part of the world, Texas, a cold taco.  Nothing can ruin a day like eating something cold that’s not meant to be cold.  Right? 

With the COVID-19 pandemic among us and the disruption it’s causing with the restaurant industry it’s essential that all companies care about the 3Ps, now more than ever.   All companies, the ones that care and the ones that like to say they do, need to step up and add another level of safety to their businesses and employees.   It’s essential that all food & beverage companies add a CDC checklist (we have two in our templates list for you to easily add to your account, whether you are a free or paid user) to their daily operations.   What worries me most is the companies that don’t care about their employees.  Sure, it’s not our business as software developers to interject into another companies business but if you don’t care about the metrics being measured now (food temperatures or the time it takes to do an audit, for example) are you really going to care about the person cleaning, cooking or taking orders?

As I said, transformation takes a strong management team and employees.  I can’t think of a more transformative time in the restaurant industry than right now.  It’s the companies that care that I feel will last and make it through to the other side.  Those that don’t, wont. 

Below is our original blog.  We made a couple small changes but we wanted to keep its original content so you can see how much has changed since these early days.

We are excited to share our new white paper, The Mobile Transformation of Restaurant Operations.  Our development focus here at EZFORMS over the past several years has been to create a new standard for checklist and mobile audit solutions for the enterprise.  EZFORMS has experienced tremendous growth and we believe that our philosophy for mobile enterprise platform development could best be shared via white paper. While this paper addresses the great opportunities for mobile apps in the back of the house for restaurants, our solution has broad application across all facets of a restaurant.  Below is a small excerpt from the white paper.

Back of the House (BOH)

Enterprise app solutions developed specifically for mobile platforms are the next frontier for food service providers. Fast casual and quick-serve restaurant companies have begun to use tablets or bring your own device (BYOD) to automate HACCP compliance across their locations, replacing paper ledgers at individual stores with tablet-based mobile forms apps that automate and store details such as freezer, food temperatures and cleaning schedules. These restaurant checklist apps can also send real-time alerts when an unexpected variance is detected to store managers and headquarters staff to allow for real, or near real-time proactive response to variances.

Tablet and phablet”-based apps can also provide tremendous flexibility in developing customized forms to address all manner of managerial tasks, such as employee – customer incident reports and assignment of tasks a.k.a. follow-ups to address critical issues.  Cloud-based enterprise apps combined with mobile devices facilitate sharing among geographically dispersed restaurant managers, regional managers, and the corporate headquarters, creating a de facto interactive decision-support tool that can leverage critical historical and real-time data to improve decision making.

In the end technology is only an enabler to change.  To accomplish real transformation it takes a strong management team and employees working toward the same goal.  Safety for guests and employees.

You can learn more about the features, functionality and how EZFORMS is the right move for your business.

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