Self Reflection and Resetting Our Focus

Self Reflection and Resetting Our Focus

self reflection and resetting our focus

Self-Reflection and Resetting Our Focus

So, what HAVE we been doing over the last year?  During this time away we’ve been doing a lot of self reflection and resetting our focus on our product, business and correcting some of the mistakes we made as a management team.  As we evaluated all of these issues, we had to do one other very important thing, service our clients! One of these clients, Weaver Fundraising, (better known as Trail’s End) is one of the largest fundraising organizations in the U.S. for the Boy Scouts of America.  Our relationship began a few years ago when they wanted to take our solution, EZFORMS: Checklist & Audit and turn it into a mobile ordering solution. Basically, they wanted to get rid of their paper order sheets the scouts used to collect orders and wanted to automate the payment processes.  It was like taking a round peg and sticking it in a square hole, but it worked seamlessly after ripping out a lot of the core functionality.  This project took a lot of our time, resources and, to be honest, caused a lot of internal disagreements because it did one really big thing –it took us away from our core product. The good news is that this project with Weaver made us aware of where we needed to take our solution and focus for the future.  We had to continue to work on a new solution, maintain our existing solution that drove a lot of revenue and build a new iteration of the mobile ordering solution for Weaver. 


When working on Weaver 1.0, we took our solution EZFORMS: Checklist & Audit — which we sold as a modular solution — and transformed it into a dynamic troop specific order management solution.  This modular design was great when adding on features but it was hard to work with when removing features as the new features would be dependent on existing ones.  It was this discovery that led us to design a solution that was based on an SDK which provided the same look on every device and there by create a solution that could be used to build an app designed to collect data, whether it’s apps we design, or existing client designed apps.  This started a two-year process of testing our theory, building out a new offering, maintaining our current solution all while keeping customers happy and trying to add new customers.  Oh, and the cherry on top…. we started building Weaver 3.0 in January for the fall selling season of 2019.  No matter the level of angst and hardship this caused, I can honestly say that none of our competitors have the depth and breadth when it comes to disruptive mobile development and pushing the envelope in the way companies can change their businesses.   The unfortunate part is that while we were doing great things, our competitors took the opportunity to focus and continue to expand their businesses.


So, after a year of stress, many heated battles and reviewing years of customer feedback that included even the smallest details, we are ready to launch what we know is the best mobile forms, inspection, audit solution in the marketplace.  As part of this process we built a solution that can be completely managed from the app. You can create forms from your mobile device, set-up teams, schedule forms or assign tasks and pay all from the app. Compared to peers like Rizepoint, iAuditor, Zenput or Pronto Forms –well, there really is no comparison – none of them can come close to matching these capabilities.


Over the next several weeks our content marketing will focus on introducing you to our new solution, its capabilities beyond mobile and how our customers our leveraging it.


You can learn more about the features, functionality and how EZFORMS is the right move for your business.

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