Surveying the Online Survey

Surveying the Online Survey

Online surveys have been ever present since the turn of the millennium and you would be hard pressed to find someone that hasn’t had the pleasure.  But technology marches on and those old reliables that were part of our youth sometimes don’t work so well anymore. Surveying the online survey dives into how mobile can change the way surveys are conducted.

Surveying the online surveyAt EZFORMS, we have been listening to our clients over the past several years and the challenges with the traditional online survey apps has been increasingly front and center.  Lacking the necessary flexibility, enterprises need online survey apps that work on mobile devices with the same ease as they do on the desktop.  But those traditional survey apps weren’t conceived for a mobile future and as mobile use becomes more and more dominant, the need for mobile-ready online survey apps becomes more manifest.

We thought the need and opportunity were strong enough that we began to assist our clients by developing a mobile online survey app with the necessary functionality and flexibility to deliver the kinds of research and intelligence data enterprises require while also providing a customer experience that makes completing the survey enjoyable.

As we refine this mobile survey functionality, we are being guided by both our customer’s insights and a group of trends we are seeing in the broad marketplace.

Think Mobile First

We should be long past the time when we even have to stop to think whether an app should be designed with mobile use in mind.  Mobile is how the majority of the world receives information.  Mobile versus desktop internet browsing reached a tipping point in 2014; online survey access via mobile devices has also continued to climb, with some sources projecting that 35%-40% of online surveys will be taken on a mobile device in 2016. Responsive survey design has gone from a “nice to have” feature to an absolutely necessary one in a very short period of time.

Emergence of Micro-Surveys

Many mobile users are actually mobile in that they have a work or life style that finds them on more or less constant motion.  That makes completing longer surveys a challenge and/or nuisance.  Hence, the emergence of micro-surveys that are built with one to three survey questions to capture quick bursts of information.  They are becoming critical capturing real-time insight based on behavior and can be triggered by events like purchases, contact requests and phone calls.

Geolocation and Localized Surveys

Smart device geolocation technology allows mobile survey apps to focus on capturing in-the-moment data using real-time, on-location surveys based on geographic location or movements.  For retailers and credit card companies this makes it easier to send coupons and specialized offers based on a consumer’s location.

Process Automation

Enterprise are increasingly desiring integration of online survey apps with their enterprise platforms such as CRM as well as with other databases where contact and customer information are stored, allowing surveys to be launched based on specific actions, dates or other variables.

Qualitative Analysis of Text-Based Responses

Yes/no and multiple choice survey structures provide vital feedback but less comprehensive understanding of the consumer.  Open-ended questions are a much better way of capturing meaningful data but will require advanced data analysis tools make it possible to drill deeper into text-based responses to remove subjectivity and reveal actionable insights.

Niche reporting via interactive dashboards

By using survey software as a data collection engine and integrating it into more comprehensive dashboards for examination, researchers can run deeper analyses, including predictive analytics, to gather more insights on data points. This includes connecting survey tools to Google analytics to track and monitor user behavior and referral data.

Hope you enjoyed our surveying the online survey and how this market is ripe for growth.

You can learn more about the features, functionality and how EZFORMS is the right move for your business.    

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