Measuring Enterprise Mobile Apps

Measuring Enterprise Mobile Apps

Measuring enterprise mobile apps

With the continuing growth of mobile app development and deployment across the enterprise, measuring the impact of enterprise mobile apps has become ever more top of mind with senior management.  As with any other aspect of the organization, using key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the success of enterprise apps has become critical to avoid becoming competitively disadvantaged.

That is the key takeaway from Red Hat’s recent Mobile Maturity Survey, which surveyed IT decision makers across 200 private sector companies with a minimum of 2,500 employees based in the U.S. and Western Europe.  Those results outlined and confirmed that most organizations are using, or beginning to use, key metrics to understand the impacts of their mobile apps.

KPIs are a traditional method for developing business cases and measuring success against business objectives.  According to Red Hat, “Applying KPIs to mobile investment therefore makes sense as it provides consistency in performance measurement and benchmarking across the organization.”

In the study, Red Hat found that 85 percent of responding organizations use KPIs in measuring enterprise mobile apps success, and that 74 percent of those organizations had a positive return on investment in mobile apps.  This reflects a more formal plan and process for tracking mobility across the organization.  To this end, the survey also found that 52 percent of respondents have a fully implemented mobile app strategy.

Of those organizations that are using KPIs to measure mobile app success, the most positive ROIs were found in manufacturing (92 percent), telecommunications (83 percent) and construction (83 percent).  Mobile app tracking responsibility continues to reside within the IT department but there is increasing support for moving towards line of business leaders and/or heads of mobility, both positions that are closer to the actual use of the apps.

Implementing a performance tracking process can provide value beyond knowing whether mobile investments are delivering an ROI.  Understanding how, when and whether employees are using enterprise apps provides critical insight that might prevent the introduction of “rogue” apps from outside that could create security issues.

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