Mobile Field Service Workers

Mobile Field Service Workers

Mobile - Field - WorkersMobile field service workers are a key component of your businesses success and it’s future growth.  Recently, a very nice white paper arrived in our inbox from Motorola Solutions, the business focused on enterprise mobility post-spinoff of the handset and networks businesses. The white paper, Are You Making the Most of Your Field Service Calls?, discusses some of the key issues we have seen in customers and prospects and for which we have developed EZFORMS for mobile field service workers

Below are some key data points from the white paper:

It’s time to take a good hard look at how your service professionals communicate in the field. If your field service organization is not operating at peak efficiency, it impacts many areas of your business – from net revenue and profit margins to customer satisfaction and loyalty. Fortunately, deploying the right mobile field service solution can help maximize your field teams’ productivity by eliminating unnecessary paperwork, optimizing fleet management and giving them immediate access to critical information. The result? Decreased costs, increased revenue, enhanced cross-sell opportunities and better customer satisfaction.

Many types of businesses rely on field service teams. Manufacturers rely on field service professionals to service equipment in homes and businesses. Utilities use them to repair and fix malfunctioning equipment, to set up new customers, to read meters and more. Packaged goods suppliers need field service teams to stock retail shelves and repair refrigerators, freezers, vending machines and other on-premise equipment.

Oftentimes, field service professionals are the primary or only source of customer contact post sale. They can play a pivotal role in making or breaking customer loyalties. Empowered with the right mobile field service solution, companies can decrease costs, increase service revenue and enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty almost instantly. Here’s how.

Realizing Greater Efficiencies

  • Reduced inventory costs
  • Lower fuel and maintenance costs
  • Less frequent customer disputes
  • Fewer data errors

Increasing Bottom Line Results

  • Decreased paperwork and increased service call efficiency
  • Enabling up-sell opportunities and increasing revenue
  • Improved cash flow due to shorter billing cycles

Inspiring Customer Loyalty

  • Improved service level agreement (SLA) compliance
  • Reduced customer frustration due to invoice errors
  • Fewer customer complaints resulting from poor first-time fix performance
  • More referrals thanks to technician’s on-time arrival

What kind of mobile field service application can help you improve your success in resolving a customer’s problem on the first visit? Look for capabilities such as the ability to:

Mobile field service apps can improve success in resolving customer problems on the first visit if they possess functionality that includes the following

  • Manage inventory in real time – both on trucks and in the warehouse.
  • Search past service history to determine what parts may be required.
  • Allow technicians to access step-by-step repair instructions while at the customer site.
  • Match a technician’s expertise with a particular service call.

You can learn more about the features and functionality of our newest solution at EZFORMS

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