Mobile Apps Field (Services) of Dreams

Mobile Apps Field (Services) of Dreams

field service software

Field service software can help field workers gain efficiencies and increase productivity.

Historically, field service operations have been focused on completing the task at hand but, as mobile technologies have matured and become more cost-effective the field has emerged as the place where information is created, captured, and even analyzed. Mobile accessibility in the field is increasingly an avenue for enterprises to create some competitive differentiation and realize process efficiencies that positively impact the bottom line.

Mobile technologies invaded the enterprise via the most obvious functions, those being sales and logistics. Services, much the same as the pre-digital days, were something that came after the sale and delivery activities. But, in many industries today, services possess a much larger revenue impact, in most cases comprising more revenue than the original order. And, because of the very common annual maintenance agreements, services can provide revenue smoothing against the cyclical nature of many sales efforts. Particularly when economies are in recession, service revenue may become the savior of the enterprise.

Mobile enterprise apps that support field service operations have become a significant tool in helping field service reps improve the customer experience. Among the numerous ways mobile apps can extend the reach and effectiveness of field services are the following:

  • Providing access to constantly updated inventory
  • Providing access to digitized field service manuals
  • Connecting seamlessly with the corporate back office to deliver improved reporting, trend analysis, and decision-making.
  • Offering an ease of integration to multiple systems
  • Eliminating the requirement to re-enter information multiple times.

Mobile enterprise checklist apps, such as our EZFORMS, provide workers in the field with the tools and information to work both smarter and with more flexibility as decisions can be made in near real-time and with a greater certainty. These apps possess tremendous potential to make field work more productive, but also have the potential to increase revenue for the enterprise with access to customer information and product information. In essence, the field worker becomes a business development resource as well as a brand ambassador.

You can learn more about the features, functionality and field service software by visiting EZFORMS.

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