Improving Food Safety Compliance Using Mobile Apps

Improving Food Safety Compliance Using Mobile Apps

EZFORMS HAACP Solution For Food Safety

Food safety is a high profile concern, and one that is highly regulated at the federal, state and even local level. This panoply of laws contributes to the complexity of operating a restaurant or other food preparation facility and challenges even experienced food service staff to maintain compliance.

Understanding and recalling all the regulation and information associated with food safety and ensuring compliance with all requirements of those regulations is made easier with checklists delivered most effectively via today’s mobile phones and tablets.

Checklists are comprised of basic step-by-step directions on how and when to complete a task. For new employees, checklists can answer their questions as they learn new and unfamiliar procedures. Checklists built for tablet computers can deliver video that demonstrates exactly how to execute individual steps in a task list. For experienced employees, checklists keep them on track and helps reduce the potential for straying from food safety rules. Food service-based checklists contain the different times and temperatures that relate to certain tasks.

A checklist commonly used at food service locations across the industry is the master cleaning schedule. The master cleaning schedule checklist generally includes tasks such as:

  • What should be cleaned
  • Who should clean it
  • When it should be cleaned
  • How it should be cleaned

Centralizing this information with a mobile form software supports the timely execution of the key tasks for ensuring a clean and compliant food service location. Using mobile apps on tablets also allows information to be stored and accessed via the cloud for use both by store managers as well as corporate operations management in food service chains.

Beyond the increased productivity and improved regulatory compliance, better documentation can also help reduce food costs by ensuring better temperature monitoring that minimizes food spoilage.

Currently, about 85 percent of food service operators track and manage food safety with temperature data with a pen-and-paper “clipboard” record keeping system. This is an inefficient process that is prone to falsified records and does not provide a way to monitor compliance across multiple locations. It also limits the ability to efficiently retrieve compliance information should regulatory agencies or legal situations require it.

Using intelligent checklist technology like our EZFORMS solution, food service operators can simplify food safety processes and improve food safety for their customers.

You can learn more the features, functionality and how EZFORMS is the right move for your business.

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