Monitoring food temperatures is vital for success

Monitoring food temperatures is vital for success

Restaurant temperature logs and centralizing that data is crucial to risk management and your brand.

Managing and maintaining a successful restaurant, or restaurant chain, depends on a number of both internal and external factors, but maintaining proper safety and sanitation standards is absolutely critical.

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In the kitchen, the monitoring of food temperatures is vitally important. A temperature variance of even a few degrees can quickly move food into the “danger zone”—greater than 40 F (for cold food) or less than 140 F (for hot food). Continuing developments in technology are making temperature monitoring easier and more accurate.

Controlling for proper temperature is essential for prepared food, especially if it’s to be held.  A Bluetooth thermometer integrated with a back-of-the-house checklist mobile app, such as EZFORMS, is an excellent way to both monitor activity and retain adequate HACCP records. Such a paperless system eliminates the pencil-whipping of hand-written records by taking temperature readings, while also suggesting corrective actions and automatically generating a tamper-proof final report.

Integrating the Bluetooth device with a tablet and checklist mobile app allows both corporate management and field staff to know when a refrigeration unit is beginning to ‘run warm’ before stored food enters the food safety zone.  Another benefit is that such tools can provide data to service technicians alerting them of any potential problems with a cooler and expedite the launch of the maintenance process. The benefits of paperless, Bluetooth-enabled thermometers integrated with EZFORMS restaurant solution provides for more accurate temperature monitoring and recording while reducing paper waste.

You can learn more about doing restaurant temperature logs, our features, functionality and how EZFORMS is the right move for your business.

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