Tablet Computers in Food Processing

Tablet Computers in Food Processing

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Food inspection software can reap big rewards for consumers and producers. The innovators and early adopters of new technologies often travel a solitary road until the general market catches up with potential of the new tools.  Things that possess the potential to provide leaps, whether quantum or simple, in productivity can face pushback from the risk averse that tremble at the notion of change.  The advent of iPads and other tablet computers and their application in food production and safety has promoted some negative responses, with suggestions that tablets might promote the spread of germs or the glass screens might break and create a workplace hazard.  While anything is possible, hundreds of companies have already incorporated tablets using mobile back-of-the-house apps to profoundly improve kitchen operations

An unbiased assessment of the pros and cons of implementing a mobile enterprise solution via tablet and back of the house (BOH) productivity apps yields an overwhelming cost/benefit for dining chains.  Companies currently using EZFORMS for their BOH activity cite nothing but positive returns from the technology.  In conversations with prospects, any push back on a mobile solution stems more from lack of knowledge than any concern for safety in the kitchen.  On the contrary, once we demonstrate the ease of the solution and broad-based impact it can have, the safety and value of EZFORMS – Mobile Forms becomes obvious.

iPad’s and other Tablet computers are a huge step forward in making computing power truly mobile, usable and engaging. They create an opportunity to consume information in real time, to capture data, generate alerts and improve communication and collaboration. iPads absolutely save time, achieve much improved regulatory compliance, can assist with training and are easily used by almost anyone.

For food manufacturing, this suggests that tablet style computers have the potential to:

  1. Allow audits to be semi-automated by automatically raising non-conformances and assigning them in real time to relevant staff for action
  2. Access document and training information for staff in the kitchen environment, saving time by eliminating the need to find and sit down in front of a PC
  3. Generate and receive alerts on critical issues related to food safety or production
  4. Improve communication between departments, staff members and even customers and su
  5. Reduce the amount of form filling required by production, quality and cleaning staff and suppliers
  6. Overall to make the business safer, more productive, responsive, engaging and collaborative

You can learn more about the food inspection software, features, functionality and how EZFORMS is the right move for your business.

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