Digitize Audits, Spot Checks, Inspections, Checklists and More by Creating Smart Digital Templates for Data Collection and Process Improvements with our Audit and Inspection Software 

A simple way to collect, structure, and share field intelligence from your mobile workers

EZFORMS is incrediblyespeciallyextremely easy to use and deploy

Audit and Inspection Software

Drop the paper and paper process and go digital with EZFORMS Operational Intelligence!

Paper and manual processes can be painful and cumbersome.  If you’ve ever dealt with a pile of paper audits, inspections or a folder full of spreadsheets, you know it can be tough to gather insights into your business.  Change that by going digital with our Audit and Inspection Software to improve operational intelligence

Our Features

Digital Template Builder

Create dynamic digital audit and inspection forms in minutes with our online template builder.  The online template builder leverages a point and click method and gives users the ability to create forms in Advanced Mode or EZMODE.  Advanced Mode provides you all the tools you need to design digital forms the way you want.  EZMODE takes a no code approach so you can create forms in minutes with fixed columns, rows and fields. Our mobile – first template builder gives you the ability to make digital forms on-the-go right from your phone or tablet.


Create the organization that fits the needs of your business or group.  Easily add users from your smart device or from the web portal to work off a set of forms or locations to collect the data that’s important to you.   Our ‘teams’ solution addresses the issues of businesses with multiple locations that are geographically dispersed or organizations/users that desire environments in order to create, share and collect data via digital forms.

Assign Tasks

Assign or dispatch tasks to internal or external users.  Create tasks for users, teams and guest to collect critical HACCP, safety and audit data.  Assign follow-up tasks based on negative responses or areas of concern.  Assignors can track an assigned task’s progress and communicate with assignees to address any questions or concerns that may arise – and you can do this straight from your mobile phone, tablet or web portal.

Accept Payments

Add a payment option to your mobile or online forms to accept payments from clients or customers, with the ability to accept payments via reader, picture capture or manual input.  When creating your form, just hit the payment element and leverage our easy to use drop-down menu to add the Stripe or PayPal payment gateway to your digital form.


Visualize, analyze and share data real-time from your smart device or web portal.  You can review real-time KPIs inside the mobile app or from the dashboard located in the web portal.  Need custom reports? Use our report builder to set up delivery of daily, weekly and monthly reports sent directly to your inbox.  Don’t need to schedule a report?  Just use our ad-hoc report builder to build reports and share as you need them.


Communicate real-time with your team, users, locations and guests from the mobile app or portal.  The messaging system keeps a time and date stamp for each message to create a chain of custody and has an easy to understand UI.


Receive alerts when guests, users and teammates complete a task or form that is assigned to them.  Notification center is the hub for alerting users, team members or guests when forms, tasks, surveys have been completed.   We also alert users when a user enters or leaves a team.  As part of this notification, we include a date/time stamp and digital template name.

API Integrations

We created our audit and inspection software to allow you to connect your digital templates to share and receive data with third party systems.  Connect your business processes, critical information from your own internal systems to access the most up to date sales, technical, mission critical data and IoT devices by web hooks, RESTful API and SDK.  Users can also take advantage of our integrated BLE devices to collect important temperature data.

and more...

EZFORMS has always offered advanced scheduling.  Our scheduling capabilities allow users and admins to set specific due time’s/date’s for forms and tasks.  If a form or task is a recurring one, we will place it in the dashboard so users can execute from there.  All forms that have a schedule due time and date are color coded to alert user to upcoming, past due and completed forms or tasks.

EZFORMS is more than just a mobile app, it’s a B2B SaaS application.  Our web portal can do everything the mobile application can do and more.  Create complex digital templates, set up reporting that arrives in your mailbox or create a template and embed it on your website.   These are just a few of the powerful features of our web portal has to offer.

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