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Safety Inspection with EZ Forms

Centralize your facility management audits with EZ FORMS


EZ FORMS capabilities

  • Increased validation by using pictures and geolocation for facility inspection and audit forms
  • Mobile form technology for tablets and phones to get real-time insight into facilities management
  • Integrated storage system to access building plans, store layouts, how-to videos etc. right from your mobile device
  • Drive real-time analytics and insight into collected data to make more informed decisions
  • Use in both online and offline environments

EZ FORMS eliminates

  • Shuffling of paper checklists during audit
  • Finding a way to include photos with your paper checklists
  • Labor costs associated with data entry
  • Missed detail during site visit as EZ FORMS indicates when checklist is 100% complete
  • Inability to access data from anywhere
  • Walkthrough times but utilizing standard notes and drop down lists
  • Lost of stolen forms and documentation


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