Forms & Checklists

Easily create, edit, execute and share mobile forms and checklists with limited need of internal IT resources. Mobile forms can be created in both row-based and free form formats that can include notes, pictures, scoring, and corrective action.
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EZ FORMS communication center allows you to communicate real-time to employees in the field via push notifications and email. Communicate directly to employees, stores or regions on an individual, regional or company-wide basis—all within the app.
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File Storage

Our cloud storage offering is a fully integrated file management system within EZ FORMS that gives you the ability to easily upload and share multiple content types real-time. Easy to set up folder system thats specific to your content.
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Easily accept credit card payments via swipe, picture capture or manual entry

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EZ FORMS gives you real-time insight from your smart device or personal computer to see missed, completed, and pending information being collected in the field to make more informed business decisions. Share reports via PDF as data is collected.
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Journals & Shift Notes

Journals allow companies that have rotating managers or field service employees a platform to reference, create entries or collect information so that the communication process does not break down as teams or shifts change throughout the day.
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EZ FORMS Assignments solution logs user actions and creates a timeline of events such as assignment status, score and completion of tasks. Assign or pre-assign tasks to an individual or group of individuals to collect critical information.
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Third Party Software Integration

Integrate your third party software into EZ FORMS to easily collect or share operational data
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Custom audits, tools and programs to meet your needs. Free for 30 Days Available natively for iOS, Windows and Android Devices.

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View & manage performance in one place

Analyze & Report

Understand trends that are impacting your business in real-time. Leverage insights to keep your business moving forward.