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Product Placement Survey with EZ Forms

Better understand your product placement and validate your ROI on marketing funds with EZ FORMS


EZ FORMS capabilities

  • Collect and access data from all smart devices to better understand your presence and placement
  • Real-time analysis of what is going with your product to make more informed decisions for sales programs, production, etc.
  • Integrated communications to effectively communicate directly to employees
  • Direct access to planograms to validate that SKUs and shelf placement are accurate
  • Validation of end caps and floor displays via geo tagging and inclusion of photos to your mobile audit forms
  • Ability to take inventory counts

EZ FORMS eliminates

  • Need for expensive third party audit companies
  • Time consuming data entry
  • Inability to access current planograms and sales programs
  • Inaccurate distributor information that was collected offsite
  • Costly internal IT resources to support data collection


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